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[ Other Half ]

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"Our mark of vendetta."

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        An eye roll is the only response he’s given at this point;
        no, he’s right she doesn’t know but she’s the only one 
        here who knows about it more than him. She’s only
        trying to help and she’s more than aware she can 
        be overwhelming with her affections and she’s been
        good with putting a lid on that but with this, it was special
        and truthfully she wants to be there for him the whole 
        way —— just like Mom was for her.

        A lot of things were running through the females mind
        as her gaze focused out the window, reminiscing to
        when she was taught, how her mother had been what
        she had said. Of course, Laura would never be as good
        as her, but for Derek, she’d try her best. It’s the least
        she can do for him. 

        With the long drive ahead, she’ll offer to take turns but
        her body is already starting to shut down, to which the
        female shuffles down in her seat, bringing that leather
        jacket of hers tighter around herself, an attempt of a 
        blanket which failed. She’s merely getting comfortable,
        side of her head now gently resting upon the glass of
        her window, it makes looking at the sky easier.


        The tone in which he spoke was a tone she was more
        than familiar with and instead of annoying her like it 
        had always done, she couldn’t stop the wide smile from
        growing on her lips. Some things never change and 
        that brought her a lot of happiness. One more squeeze
        to the males knee and she’s bringing her arm back
        over to hold herself. 
        “No, I’ll make it as easy as possible, okay? Don’t be
        such a baby.”

Easy as possible?” Again, that nasally tone is there but of course, now? It was hardly him complaining. Simply sounding like the younger sibling who was trying to sound like the woman herself. Which, was a total failure and he was all sorts of fine with that.

That head of dark hair darts back to look the woman over. One brow is lofted all too high as he continues. “— Who are you and what have you done with Laura?”

Derek was glad that the wolf next to him was probably taking this whole situation better than he was. He can only imagine what Laura had gone through with her own first shift. Far easier circumstance, yes — and no fake dying either — and with someone there who had been able to shift for years. But even with that: this sort of thing was terrifying.

Even with how glad he was to have the woman there to all but hold his hand along the way, all of this was starting to feel familiar. It was starting to feel like New York again. Just without the teen angst and drama that the man had brought in to their lives. And for that: he was even more grateful that this step in life was going to be with Laura and not alone. She had kept him alive, kept him sane. This situation would be no different.

Fingers shift, loosening his grip on the wheel and then reapplying as he makes to move the steering with the road as it goes about the rather odd mountain range in the midst of the desert. “Sleep. — We’ve all had a long day. And I’ll wake you when we get closer to home.” Derek himself was far too amped; fights either made him exhausted or had adrenaline coursing through him for hours. He would surely crash later.

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       ”—— So I know I said wait a year. But I already picked out Ava’s flower girl dress… here, I’ll send a pic.” 

[ mms; sent - baby daddy ]: img148

[ That noise he just made totally was manly. And no, his eyes were ridiculously big. — Because that was too damn cute. And they didn’t even have the baby yet to really know what she would look like in it. — But … oh man. ]

" . . !

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derek hale: a summary 
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Just talk to him

" … "

[ He would do what he wanted, when he wanted. And not in a forceful manner. This all was delicate and he was not about to rush in and force things. That was the last thing he wanted to do. ]

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Your loss Derek

[ He’d already lost it in his mind. ]

" … "

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             [ Stiles swipes a slice of the apple from the plate and takes a small bite, nodding along with everything that Derek was saying to show he was in fact listening to what was being said. Since Stiles had the tendency to zone out on a good day, but since the pregnancy he’s been known to do it far more often and usually for a lot longer than anyone really realizes. ] 

"That’s true. Alright well I was thinking maybe Scott as the best man, for the both of us—- and then we could have Isaac as a groomsman and my dad and… I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away, do you have anyone you would want to be one? … Deaton maybe? I know you don’t see eye to eye but he is an old family friend."

[ Derek follows the apple slice and feigns a look of annoyance. But of course: he is happy the other is eating. Morning sickness had been a problem in the other’s first trimester and well, now? He seemed almost to his old self, just with a bit extra. ]

"I hadn’t really thought about who for what. And I really don’t care. As long as the Pack is there, as is those we consider family? I’m fine. — It could just be us and everyone else is a spectator to. … Or, y’know. Just elope.”

[ He’s going to wait for something to hit him upside the head. Or if Stiles is going to grumble at him for this. But really: he would be fine with something small. Then again? Whatever Stiles wanted, he would probably do anyways. ]

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I think you have a problem with not seeing what's right in front of you, Derek. If you would just truly open your eyes for just a second I think you would see what the rest of the world does, and that my friend is that Stiles doesn't blame you and what he felt before still applies now.

"Did I ask for you opinion?


"So keep it to yourself.”

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