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" …

— You have three seconds to tell me what you the hell you want so much at 3 am, to wake me up.”

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Part of her wants to push on that guilt she can feel. But she can't, god, she can't, she can't. There's so little left of what she must once have been, so little she can remember. So she shakes her head, tries to give him a little smile, projects gratitude and a feeling she has no name for but means 'don't feel bad, it's okay'. Then she walks away, at least far enough to hide behind a tree. She doesn't want him to see her break.

[ The odd interaction seems to come to a swifter, abrupt halt than the man is entirely expecting. It was usually the norm that those that came for help usually were forceful with their kind, but this? She seemed to be giving up and not giving Derek what he seemed to be asking for: more information.

Lips tug in to a frown as he watches the figure start away. He was not about to stop her if her decision was to simply keep moving on. The lack of responsibility he had for the situation did not entirely make his guilt rise, but the fact that her own desperation had been so high for his help, it makes his stomach seem to give out.

He huffs out a breath, glancing down to his feet. Again: he was at the cross roads of assisting, offering her a place — which wouldn’t really work at all — or simply allowing her to go. ]

" … "

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[ Okay, so his Thesis sounded really boring.  Like, totally snooze worthy.  But Max smiled and nodded as he spoke anyway, pretending to be interested.  At least he wasn’t going to keep talking about his paper.  It made sense that that wasn’t the part he’d been worried about. ]

"So you’re worried about the presentation?  Is it a stage fright thing?  Because if you have the paper good, I don’t think the presentation would be the most important part.  They’d see you’re good at doctoring anyway, and I’m sure everyone’s nervous when they go up in front of your board."


[ Did it seem like a possible Doctor would have stage fright of all things? He had to deal with going in front of a large room of actual Doctor’s and others at his own level each day that there was a child under his care and even more so: under his knife. That was more terrifying than talking to a panel … and actually: doing a procedure was what he had to do. And then it would go in front of a committee to see if he was even worthy of the title Doctor and have an MD with his name.

Derek sort of stares at the girl, not sure if she realizes all that went in to his degree. And that if he did not pass: he had nothing. If he didn’t pass his math course or the committee? He truly was nothing. ]


" … I’m more worried about this stupid math test.”

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"I guess so and I think Zack’s doing fine living as a farmer in the countryside with no memories but I thought it was for the best for him the last time I saw him." Max told him, leaving out the whole cyborg issue for now or how she had to electrocute Zack to stop him from killing Logan.

As for the whole being a leader of the Transgenics, someone had to do it and she was just tired of hiding and living in fear all the time. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure it out since I have tons of people counting on me right now.”


[ The latter information about Zack would have been helpful and would make the Werewolf think himself not such a fool for offering his insight when he truly did not know much about the entire situation at all. He frowns ever so slightly at the idea that there were those under Max’s care that felt as though this Zack character was someone to follow — even as he was.

Derek glances away and shifts awkwardly. He can relate to the thought of people counting on him. Especially with the prospect of there being so many. Unlike Max, Derek had been given slight rest from this given the new change in ranks. ]

"I’m sure you’ll figure you out. And those around you will do the best they can to assist you. — You are sort of ‘family' after all, right?”

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I just felt like such a fool because I think about you all the time actually. And I think you’re the man that I really love.
—Film: Love Actually (via hqlines)
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Promo (1080p HD)

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