i need you to survive.

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Is it as hard for you as it is for Stiles to know that it will be what might as well be a stranger carrying your child instead of your partner?

"I would love for the child to be with us throughout the development — physically with us — but … that’s not going to actually happen. So, to a degree: yes, it’s hard. But I also understand that this is our best option for what we both want. And as much as Stiles will probably dislike the woman: she’s giving us a gift, if she is the one that decides to say yes.”

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Do you have a specific time you want to start working on it?

[ Time frame? He hardly knew what he was going to really do the next day. Hence why the planning for kids was already so .. off. But: it would happen. ]

"Hopefully after Stiles graduates High School. Like, really start putting the foundation down and then working from there. 

— Also depends on how much of a beacon that Beacon Hills will be in the next few years.”

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when you and stiles have kids do you think you will have your home built by then?

[ He liked the specific term of when. It wasn’t even a question anymore of if children would happen. They were already in the works. But the specific question, it left him a bit uncertain. Even with his abilities there would be limitations. ]

" — Hopefully. Or at least really close to being able to put furniture in to and then live in. “

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sketches for a dumb wolf thing I’m working on and I’m trying to motivate myself to paint

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This one is for Billy. Stay strong!

Derek notices Stiles losing speed the moment they’re through the doors, but it’s not until Scott and Isaac rounds the first corner that the boy comes to a full stop. Derek halts, too, ready to spin around and snap; tell him to hurry, remind him that this a life-and-death situation, but his words die in his throat when catching the look on Stiles’ pale face.

"What is it?" He asks instead, because Stiles’ heart is pounding, bottom lip trembling, as if they’re already standing face to face with the monster of the month.

Stiles swallows, Adam’s apple bobbing. Derek can hear Scott and Isaac continue down the hallways, heading for Melissa. There’s a part of him that wants to run after them, to follow the pack, but the rest of him stays where he is, waiting for Stiles.

"I hate this hospital," he finally answers, voice quiet, like he’s ashamed to admit it.

Derek feels a lump emerge in his throat, because he knows why. This is where Stiles’ mother died, where he visited her till the night she stopped breathing. This is where his father undoubtedly ended up once or twice after a job. This is where countless of people have died thanks to all the shit they’ve been through over the last few years.

Pursing his lips, Derek takes a step closer, reaching out to slide his hand down Stiles’ arm to finally clasp his hand. He can hear Stiles’ heart jump, but the stench of his fear is fading, replaced by something warm and sweet that Derek tells himself to ponder later.

"Me too," he whispersremembering Peter’s old room and wheelchair, Cora lying sick in one of these beds with no way to cure her, sitting in the waiting room with Scottas he gently pulls Stiles along to where the two wolves disappeared.

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Tyler Hoechlin at TV Guide Magazine Comic Con 2011-2014

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Teen Wolf Core Characters → 4x09 ‘Perishable’

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