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[ Other Half ]

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3x23 // 4x12 as requested by the-spark-and-the-king

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Derek Hale + eyebrows

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[As she inches closer she can feel the vibrations from the rumble that flows from his chest and it sends the faintest of shivers down her spine. It’s definitely good to know that she has that effect on him. When he nips at her own lip she all but purrs as her fingers full on delve into his dark locks, tongue slipping past his lips to roll against his own as she continues to kiss him.]


"Hm, that’s not fair. I thought I was the one that supposed to be greedy."

[ Nostrils flare to push a muffled chuckle against the woman’s face. Not like he could actually fully laugh at the comment with the woman’s tongue now trying to map out his teeth. Derek sucks at the muscle before pulling back somewhat. His entire demeanor looking content and ready to have this playful attitude continue. Without interruption. ]

"Life isn’t fair, Lyds’. — And you have no idea how greedy I can be? You see how I eat those rabbits.”

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I know you’re willing to take me all the way

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#never apologize for that.

Who says I am apologizing?

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                              ❝     He’s too good for guns.     ❞

   A soldier so brave he doesn’t need a gun, though
   he would argue that he was certainly no soldier.
   Clara could see why he wouldn’t want to be called 
   such a thing, but she didn’t think it was a bad thing
   to be called. Regardless of her thoughts, she knew
   him to be a good man. Straying away from her own
   thoughts, she walked towards the small staircase,
   leaning on the railing.


          ❝     I’m sure there are more than two. There’s
                 the main one, and then I’m pretty sure he
                 has his own somewhere. Then there’s a
                 small one that looks like a coffee shop, I
                 quite like that one. I can show you, if you
                 like, and if the TARDIS behaves.      

[ Derek and the Doctor had this in common. Guns were something that should not be used. Yes, he understood using them to protect, but all around: He greatly disliked guns. Though there was a time in which he had had to use them, he still was not fond of having to bend to the necessity of them. 

There seems to be an unspoken invitation as the woman begins to move. Or perhaps, it is simply that the wolf beneath is wanting to follow a woman that reminded him so much of someone else. Or, y’know. The fact that to him she was still a stranger in what was considered his territory. ]

" — I take it that she likes to play with you, then? Possibly land in the swimming pool a time or two?”

[ It was an odd relationship, that of a Companion and the TARDIS. He had been one of the lucky ones, perhaps. And for the fact that he talked to the living machine in a way that others could not. Hence: the noises earlier. ]

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[Her fingertips feather against his hairline while her lips hover near his and for a moment she cannot stop the smile that forms upon hearing his reply. Teeth then nip his lower lip softly before she captures his lips in yet another kiss this one deeper than the last.]


"—then we can share it."

[ A full on, chest rumble starts now. The woman was amused and content. And, well. He wasn’t really getting the bad end of things with the way the woman is going about kissing him. The wolf in turn offers a faint nip in the chase of  her far softer lips. ]

" — I had intended to. But I might be greedy.”

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i fell in to the dydia tag.

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