make me choose | andersonhale and honeyblee asked:

↳ derek hale or tyler hoechlin?

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Don’t be such a sour wolf.

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what big eyes you have
the kind of eyes that drive wolves mad

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Day One: Favourite Male Character? 
↪ Derek Hale

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Alright, posting this now before things get hectic and busy with gearing up to go.


As of July 26th (Saturday) I will be out of town.

I will not be returning until July 31st (Thursday).


It’s a family trip that we take every year sometime in July up in to the Cascade Range in Washington State. Got a cabin up there and it’s usually the big sort of ‘family reunion’ that we have for our family. Plus, my sister’s boyfriend is going to be in town from Florida. So tourist-y things will happen.

Given I’m in the middle of the mountains, I will have no service. Meaning: no texting, no internet — NADA. I have satellite. So hopefully I’ll get to watch TW on Monday. BUT…  I will not be able to talk to anyone but those that I with me on this trip. So, I will not be here on Tumblr at all. I will not see posts made for me, I will not see any asks that are sent to me … Not sure just how man of you care, but there it is!

I hope that everyone enjoys their week. And here’s to me having a relaxing week of just enjoying nature and, hopefully, getting artwork done for my show in late August. And I guess, just having a break from here will be nice. Hopefully my RPing juices will be recharged or something. WHOKNOWS.

Love ya all. 

See you later!


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Morgan Evans: With @tylerl_hoechlin

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Not all monsters do monstrous things.

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